Nick Dalle▵ Face Claim: Alex Pettyfer

Age: Twenty three 
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual 
MacCreary; Bootlegger

History ➝

Nick was born and raised in London, England. His folks packed up and shipped off to find their little slice of pie or the American Dream or whatever it was called when he turned twenty one. New York City was where they were put and Nick knew it wasn’t for him. He hated the city life back home as it was. Unfortunately, the further south he traveled, the less jobs he found and the more people who didn’t care for his foreign background either. Nick didn’t let it get to him though. He soon found work in a small town in Franklin County, Virginia, rum running for a man by the name of William MacCreary. A local up and comer trying to run the Bondurants out of business. Nick’s job? Gather information and knowledge about the brother’s operations to help run them out by any means necessary.  

Present ➝

Nick isn’t thrilled with his job description. In fact, after meeting the youngest brother, he out-in-out hates it. Every day he goes over to the Bondurant’s bar, talks with one of them, mostly Jack who he’s taken a liking to, and goes back to his end of town to give his boss the report. Only now, Nick finds himself smudging the details. He finds himself lying or giving no information at all. And he’s playing with fire at that. If Mr. MacCreary ever finds out, Nick might find himself in the bottom of the river. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹ Nick is cocky. He’s arrogant and thinks very highly of himself. He’s got the charm of a snake and is as deadly as one too. 

002 ▹ Nick, unlike most Americans, is highly educated and that’s where most of his assurance comes from. He feels, and honestly feels he’s better than most of these southern hicks. However he has a few favorites.  

003 ▹ Nick is ruthless. He likes to have fun but even when he’s seemingly relaxed, he’s working. He’s the ultimate con man, making others think one thing about him and pulling them into his little scams and cons. 

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