Jack Bondurant ▵ Face Claim: Shia LaBeouf

Age: Twenty eight 
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual 
Bondurant; Bootlegger 

History ➝

Being the youngest of four brothers and having the one die in war, Jack got babied quite often. The Bondurant boys’ parents died right after Jack was born, first their father then their mother. Howard soon went off to war and was left under the care of Forrest, the middle child.  He and his brother grew close, though Jack was always curious, wanting to know and see more and Forrest was a quiet, patient, sit and wait kind of man. Needless to say, Jack found himself in trouble quite often. But the world was an experience and well worth the whoopings.  Money got tight, hell, it got tight for everyone but somehow, the Bondurant’s hardly felt the cold chill of the Great Depression and when Jack turned sixteen, he learned why. Bootlegging. Moonshine. His brothers hit the gold mine. And young Jack wanted in. 

Present ➝

Jack is well into the bootlegging business with his older brothers. The three hold the town’s highest quality moonshine and whiskey. Competition barely stands a chance and after cutting better deals with the cops, the boys have even hired on a few new additions to keep operations running smooth.  Jack wants to be like one of Al Capone’s guys. Rolling rich, fancy cars, nice suits, impressive cigars. He wants to be the family’s face, the business man, making moves on the outside to get them more profit inside. Unfortunately, his two older brothers don’t quite see eye to eye. Jack is torn between growing up their way, and growing up on his own. 

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹ Jack tries hard, he does. He tries to be his own man but finds himself constantly in the shadows of his older brothers. 

002 ▹ He thinks for himself but it’s flawed. He’s still very young in the mind, making selfish moves though he has the best of intentions. 

003 ▹ Jack has a tendency to show off and put his foot in his mouth, making his brothers come down harder on him. In the end, he’s his own worst enemy. 

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