Forrest Bondurant ▵ Face Claim: Tom Hardy

Age: Thirty three 
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual 
Bondurant; Bootlegger

History ➝

The oldest of the three Bondurant boys, Forrest’s job’s always been to keep the peace and look out for the family. He’s more of a maternal man than he is a paternal protector. No, he’s always seen that as more of Howard’s job. Since he came home from war, anyway. Forrest raised Jack, pretty much by himself, trying to teach the boy right from wrong and the grey areas in between. Then the recession hit, money got tight and booze was harder and harder to get a hold of. So Forrest started making it. Once Howard returned home, their supply doubled, they let Jack and his childhood friend Cricket in on it and their supply tripled. The Bondurant boys owned the town. 

Present ➝

He’s seen the change in Jack as of lately. Flashy, showy, cocky. He’s sworn time and time again he was going to put his foot up the boy’s ass just to teach him a lesson. However, when Howard’s back’s turned and it’s only the oldest and the youngest, Forrest eases up and caves like a bitch. He can’t help it. He raised that boy and will die trying to protect him.

Personality Traits ➝

001 ▹ Moody, grumpy, aloof- all words to describe Forrest Bondurant. Even his own legend says he’s a brooding kind of man. He serves his stories justice, proving them true in that area. 

002 ▹ Forrest only wants what is best for his family. Come hell or high water, he’ll go out keeping them alive, well and safe. It’s the reason why he started bootlegging in the first place. That and because he’s a drunk. 

003 ▹ He doesn’t put up with nonsense or petty games. If someone steps out of line or even on his toes, Forrest will pull out his brass knuckles and pop a fucker in the face. No hesitation.

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